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  • Eating the Rainbow! January 13, 2021
    Let’s face it, we’re almost into week three of the new year and perhaps those resolutions we made earlier could be fading away by now.     But if your good intentions included a healthier way to eat, here’s some good information about eating the rainbow. Eating the rainbow is a catchy phrase that actually means including […]
    Max on Loving Life
  • This Resolution Works! December 30, 2020
    Seems lately nutritionists are leaning more and more towards adding more greens into our daily diets. I for one am applauding their research because I know how important all those vegetables are for continuing good health and wellness. By greens, I’m including all of nature’s vegetables whether they’re green, orange, red, or yellow. We’ll also […]
    Max on Loving Life
  • Chimichurri – A Lifesaving Addition! December 15, 2020
    One of the very few things I’ve enjoyed about this imposed stay at home mandate is being in the kitchen more than usual. But I’m not talking about new ways to make desserts – no, desserts are not on my priority list. Instead, I’ve been finding some new types of food to enjoy. And one […]
    Max on Loving Life
  • Lemons and Laughter – LifeSaving! December 3, 2020
    I attribute a lot of my health and energy to two particular things I do every single day! ● Every single day I drink fresh lemon juice in water first thing in the morning. ● The second thing I do is enjoy some laughter during the day. Let’s start with that lemon juice and water […]
    Max on Loving Life
  • Ginger – Your New Best Friend? November 18, 2020
    I’ve always known about the magical benefits of ginger!! And because ginger has been so good for me, I want to share it with you because it’s just another baby step in our quest to experience good health and that wonderful energy every single day! It’s considered such a great boost to your health and […]
    Max on Loving Life

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