Catering & Special Events Menu

Trays (Serve 10)

Middle Eastern Pastries 

Manaeesh Zaatar (Thyme Pastries) $22
Fatayer Bi Jebneh (Cheese Pastries) $25
Fatayer Sabanekh (Spinach Pastries) $25
Sfeeha (Meat Pastries) $35

Mazeh (Cold Appetizers)  

Hummus (with pita bread) $45
Tzatziki $35
Baba Ganoush (with pita) $45
Foul Moddamas (with pita) $40
Fattoush (with Middle Eastern croutons) $45
Herbed Labneh with walnuts and preserved lemon $40
Arabic Salad $30

Fresh Pita Sandwiches

Falafel and Tahini salad (Whole pita bread sandwich) $55
Chicken Shawarma $65
Beef Shawarma $65
Lamb Shawarma $85

Main Dishes

Shish Tawook $65
Mixed Beef & Lamb Kafta Kebab $75
Chicken Musakhan (Caramelized onions, sumac, and other special spices, virgin olive oil,
crunchy almonds; all enveloped around nicely roasted chicken over thick bread) $80
Chicken Kabsa (Traditional meal of Saudi Arabia. Rice, chicken, dried lime “Lumi”, tomato
paste, special spices mix, basmati rice almond and raisins for garnish.) $80
Kafta in tahini sauce: Baked with tahini sauce and special spices Potatoes are optional $75
Kafta patties topped with vegetables: A grounded beef or lamb meat mix with rice with
vermicelli $80
Lebanese Rice (Hashweh with ground meat and slivered Almonds) $70
Stuffed Chicken (10 legs) $45
Mansaf (Jameed yogurt with rice and slivered almonds) $100


Baklava $35
Lebanese Nights $40
Knafeh $60
Hareeseh (Basboosah, Namoora) $35 

-These prices are for minimum order of $100
-The prices include local delivery.

Please note that large orders need to be placed in advance.

If you have something else in mind, please let me know. We can always add/omit or substitute ingredients.

Best regards,
Chef Jackie