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A Fusion of Flavors

Different Kinds of Peppers Stuffed with a Tasty Feta Cheese and Preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Absorb Some of the Spices. They all Taste Delicious but are Only as Spicy as Your Choice of Peppers, So Everyone Can Find the Right Spice Level for Them


Feta Fruity

Is a mix of Feta Cheese with its buttery flavor, pleasant to eat Cranberries, heavenly taste toasted nuts, Cinnamon sticks to add a sweet, woody fragrance To the taste and my secret sauce (ingredients.) It is healthy and flavorful.


Feta Cheese (Various Mixes)

Homemade Greek feta cheese mix in extra virgin olive oil, mixed with your choice of herbs, seeds,  pickles, vegetables and nuts. It is healthy and really tasty


Mixed Chilis in Olive Oil

Fresh mixed chilis preserved in Lebanese mountain extra virgin olive oil, garlic and Mediterranean herbs



Labneh Balls ( Middle Eastern Soft Cheese)

Homemade probiotic Labneh served plain or coated with your choice of herbs, seeds or nuts. 

Flavor options: 

-Classic 1 lb. $18 

-Lebanese Garden 1 lb. $20 

includes zaatar, mint, chia, basil, caraway, paprika, 

sesame, etc…

-Nut Heaven 1 lb. $24

      Including walnuts, almonds, pistachios

-Combo 1 lb. $22

  • No contact pick-up 
  • Labneh orders should be placed 2 days in advance. Other orders can be placed one day in advance before pickup.
  • All Special deliveries (10 miles outside of Tarzana) will need a minimum of a $100 order.
  • Payments are accepted through Credit Cards or Venmo – @ChefJackie 
  • All other inquiries, please call / text me at (215) 667-3064

And as always:

  • Let me know if you want to learn more about the ingredients of any dish. 
  • Let me know if you have any Middle Eastern dish in mind that you want me to cook for you.
  • All the food is homemade from scratch and I use only fresh ingredients.
  • I wash all the produce, and I prepare food wearing gloves and masks.

Disclaimer: as per health standards, our kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day, and all the produce and meals are washed and prepared while wearing gloves and masks.

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