Jackie's Baklava

Baklava. Period.


The Baklava you know and love! Baked with 33 meticulously-placed phyllo dough sheets, the original Baklava is guaranteed to engage all your teste buds!

Contains nuts, wheat and dairy

Vegan Baklava
(Original & Chocolate)

Made from organic, all-vegan ingredients, my Baklava delivers all the taste minus dairy! Crispy, crunchy and delicious!

Contains nuts and wheat

Chocolate Baklava

Jackie’s special!

What would happen if the two most delicious ingredients on earth are fused together into one, sweet, delicious piece of goodness? Jackie’s chocolate baklava, of course!

Contains nuts, wheat and dairy

Ask me about Walnut, Pecan, Almond and Pistachio Baklava. Available for Original, Chocolate and vegan Baklava!

*Quantity is limited, if I am unable to fulfill your order, Jackie’s Middle Eastern desserts are now available at Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park), Jim’s Fallbrook Market (Woodland Hills), Handy Market (Burbank), Mario’s Deli & Market (Glendale) and M&M Market (Studio City)

What we offer

Experience a wide array of appetizers, entrees & desserts all from scratch the original Middle Eastern way by Jackie!
Cooking Classes
Love the Middle Eastern cuisine? Learn how to cook right here in Los Angeles. Classes for baking pastries, famous Middle Eastern dishes and yummy desserts are available!​
Eat With Us
Want to experience real homemade Middle Eastern food? You can choose from the meals available and join us for lunch/dinner at our house in LA!​​



We chose to start in California where people appreciate good taste, healthy and organic meals. We serve Middle Eastern Mezeh (appetizers) main dishes like Shawarma, Kabob, Shish Tawook, Kofta, Kabsa. Knafeh, Baklava, Hareeseh for desserts, and many other options are on our menu.

Cooking Classes

Learn with a hands-on lesson in Jackie's kitchen. Baking Memories with Jackie while making your favorite Middle Eastern pies with her. Jackie will teach you how to prepare and cook the fresh, tasty & unique dishes prepared by the recipes that local people use in the Middle East every day. While cooking you’ll enjoy laughing, learning and maybe even belly dancing.

Eat With Us

Jackie’s menu includes your choice of Soft or Alcoholic drinks, 4 Lebanese mezeh (appetizers), meat or vegetarian entrée that comes with a Middle-Eastern style salad. A special dessert which you need to leave a room for. The meal ends with Arabic coffee or herbal tea.
Since the warmth and generosity of the Jordanian people are exceptional, arrive hungry and enjoy the large portions. While having your meal, you will experience what Middle Eastern food, tradition & culture have to offer, surrounded by a positive atmosphere & some Arabic music.

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Classes Given
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What our STUDENTS say

Exceptional!! I am so grateful for the experience that Jackie provides...from the greeting, fresh ingredients, spectacular personality, amazing food, opportunity to chose menu ahead of time and all around an experience that I will never forget! We ended the experience with fresh dessert, special coffee enjoying the company of other guest and her adorable husband on the patio. Truly a wonderful experience!!


This was awesome! Jaqueline invited us into her home and kitchen to show us her world. The first part was learning about the ingredients. Then we got to chop and mix and peel. Including picking fresh lemons from her tree. All while laughing and enjoying the wine. Then we sat and feasted on the best middle-eastern food we’ve ever had. With Arabic coffee and homemade desserts! Highly recommended. But show up hungry! Thanks Jaqueline!!!


My fiancée and I did this class to celebrate our four year and man, I have to say, we made a great decision! She was absolutely amazing! Her mother was in town also and we got to know a ton about her family as well as their life back in Jordan! The food was incredible and we had so much fun cooking and learning! We would definitely go back for another class! I also look forward to working with Jackie in the future as she peruses a dream in catering! EVERYONE should take this class!