Jackie's Baklava

Baklava. Period.

Original Baklava
(walnut, pecan, almond or pistachio)

The Baklava you know and love! Baked with 33 meticulously-placed phyllo dough sheets, the original Baklava is guaranteed to engage all your taste buds!

Contains nuts, wheat and dairy

Vegan Baklava
(Original & Chocolate)

Made from organic, all-vegan ingredients, my Baklava delivers all the taste minus dairy! Crispy, crunchy and delicious!

Contains nuts and wheat

Chocolate Baklava

Jackie’s special!

What would happen if the two most delicious ingredients on earth are fused together into one, sweet, delicious piece of goodness? Jackie’s chocolate baklava, of course!

Contains nuts, wheat and dairy

“Ask me about Corporate Gift Baklava. Available for Original, Chocolate and vegan Baklava!”

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If I am unable to fulfill your vegan order, Jackie’s Middle Eastern desserts are now available at Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park)



We chose to start in California where people appreciate good taste, healthy and organic meals. We serve homemade organic baklava that you are guaranteed to fall in love with!

As Authentic as it Gets

Experience the Middle Easter without leaving the comfort of your home! Jackie has been baklava for over 30 years. She was taught how to make baklava by her mother. From there, Jackie has continued to make this delicious treat for her family and friends, as well as selling it to Baklava lovers around the world!

Organic, Always

Jackie's baklava and other desserts are made with organic ingredients and are packaged in small batches in a kitchen that is free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors.