Jackie's Story

Roots and Beginnings

Jackie's Homemade Baklava

Jackie's story begins in Jordan, a tapestry woven with threads from a small Lebanese village and the rich cultural heritage of Palestine. Educated and spirited, she grew up understanding the value of hard work and the warmth of community. Alongside her husband, George, she ventured into the entrepreneurial world, leading a computer company to local acclaim.

Adversity and Resilience

When political unrest unfolded, Jackie's resilience shone. Relocating to Jordan, she embraced the role of an accountant, all while keeping her family's future in focus. It was this forward-looking vision that eventually brought them to the United States, seeking a place where education and opportunity were within reach for her children.

Academic and Professional Ascent

In Pennsylvania, Jackie's thirst for knowledge led her to Temple University. There, she didn't just earn a degree in Human Resource Management; she inspired her peers as the commencement speaker. This achievement was a milestone, symbolizing her role as a lifelong learner and a leader.

Embracing Flexibility

Her career has been a testament to adaptability—from being a Job Developer to becoming the VP of HR for her family business, United Language Services. Jackie's professional choices reflect a commitment to her family, always ensuring she remains a cornerstone in their lives, no matter where she is in the world.

Culinary Passion and Entrepreneurship

Today, Jackie channels her passion into the culinary arts, specializing in homemade baklava that's as rich in flavor as her heritage. She's transformed her California home into a hub of Middle Eastern hospitality, where every flaky, sweet piece of baklava isn't just a treat—it's an invitation to share in her journey and enjoy a taste of her legacy. Her kitchen is her heart, and it beats to the rhythm of a hospitality that says "ahlan wa sahlan" to anyone who comes through her door.

A Flavorful Future

While the food truck chapter has closed, Jackie's adventure in gastronomy thrives. She finds joy in the simple things—fresh meals, good wine, laughter with friends, and the pride of sharing her culinary creations. If you're ever in search of a homemade touch or a sprinkle of Middle Eastern magic in your life, look no further—Jackie's baklava awaits.