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Jackie's Middle Eastern

Baklava Assortment

Baklava Assortment

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33 layers of flaky Phyllo meticulously laid by hand and filled with cinnaminy mix. Garnished with crunchy fresh nuts!

Assorted Baklava Box: A delightful assortment of walnut, pecan, pistachio, and chocolate baklava. Experience a symphony of flavors in every bite.

Vegan Option: Experience the same delicious traditional flavor, now made vegan-friendly! Filled with your choice of nuts, a tantalizing blend of spices, and garnished with fresh nuts.

Sugar-free Option: Heavenly taste of Jackie's sugar-free Baklava, a guilt-free dessert that blends the nutty flavors with the natural sweetness of Monk fruit, all encased in flaky layers of phyllo pastry.

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